Looking for an Amazing Living Space?

Choose one of our spacious apartments

Choose one of our spacious apartments

If you're ready to find your new living space, turn to GTU Properties Inc. We have several duplexes with two-bedroom apartments available for rent. These spacious apartments are perfect for any tenant, and we have several apartments that are pet-friendly.

We're ready to put you in your new apartment-call 218-348-3428 now to start your apartment search.

How we'll meet your needs

When you're ready to find a new apartment, you want a space that suits your style and meets your needs. Many of our tenants choose our apartments because they're:

  • Spacious-you'll have enough room for your needs

  • Comfortable-we'll keep your property in great shape

  • Pet-friendly-you and your pet will love your new space

If you choose one of our apartments, you won't have to worry about calling a plumber or a carpenter when something goes wrong-we'll take care of all necessary maintenance. Email us today for more information on our available apartments.