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Digging through listings and trying to find a new home on your own can be difficult. If you want a professional company to help you find your new home, GTU Properties Inc. in Duluth, MN is here to help. Our hands-on owner will help you determine which of our rental properties is right for you. He'll then carefully manage and maintain your home so you can stay comfortable.

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Finding the right property for you

When you're ready to find a new home, there are many things you'll need to consider. Just a few of the factors that work into this decision are:


we'll find a property in an area you'll enjoy


we'll make sure you have enough room for your family


we'll help you find a home near work or school

We'll help you find a property in your ideal location with enough space for you and your family. If you're interested in any of our properties, call 218-348-3428 today.

Giving back to the community

While providing comfortable housing for our tenants is fulfilling, we also take the time to help those in need. We've partnered with local nonprofit organizations and the Salvation Army and M.A.C.V. to provide affordable housing to those in need. We take the kind of property, the potential tenant's situation and other factors into account for every lease, and we're willing to find an agreement that works for you.

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